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Owner, Fred Anken

Fred and Marie have a diverse background; first as a 5th generation dairy farmer's.  In their years in the dairy industry they learned the value of genetics.  Fred's Registered Holstein Dairy Herd grabbed the attention of the Eastern Breeders Association.  They commissioned him to breed one of his Dam's to one of their Select Sire's.  The combination produced a Bull Calf which was in turn put into their Select Sire Program.  Only a few ever attain that honor level.

Fred's passion for woodworking lead him and Marie out of the Dairy business and into opening their own high-end custom woodworking shop in Connecticut. - producing high-end furniture and interior cabinetry for 20 + years in Connecticut and New York City.

Longing to return to their roots - Fred and Marie made the decision to relocate their woodworking business back to the farm in Central New York - the foothills of the Adirondack mountains.  While continuing to produce furniture and interior woodworking - They decided to put their farming/genetics knowledge skills back to work, this time in an alternative endeavor - raising and breeding Red Deer.

After researching the breed,  they purchased Hinds and Breeder Stags with premium genetic backgrounds - start with the best.  At Adirondack Red Stag " It's All About The Rack".  They know to keep improving and producing premier hinds and stags AI is the Way.  By putting their genetic know - how and working together with that of ,  AI Diversified a highly rated AI firm, they now have access to some of the best genetics/record holding stags in the world, one having more than 760" of Antler.

ADK Culdabeast in velvet.jpg
Scored 64 Points
The first and only Red Stag spiker to ever score 64 official points as his very first set of antler.
Adirondack Red Stags - Some of the finest World Class Genetics for Trophy/Breeding
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